Neusa Sousa

Holds a degree in Tourism and is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies: Women in Society and Culture.

She is a presenter, reporter and content producer of the programs Chá de Beleza Afro e Bem-Vindos at RTP ÁFRICA. She is the founder and CEO of the Chá de Beleza Afro brand, which holds an annual reference event for the African community in Lisbon that focuses on empowering African and black women and promoting networking, exchanges and sharing, with the motto “Inspire and be the source of inspiration”.

She is a women’s human rights activist, driving the empowerment of African and Afro-descent women, an entrepreneur and an event organizer. In this context, since 2014, she has been a collaborator of Mén Non – Association of Women of São Tomé and Príncipe in Portugal. It was in this association that Neusa built her capacity to intervene in women’s associations and in the field of women’s human rights.

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