Marisa Mateus

She has a degree in Educational Psychology and has been developing her professional activity in the City Council of Lisbon, Department for Social Rights, since October 1996. She has developed projects in the areas of community intervention and development, interculturality, and was also responsible for the management of the Multicultural Resource Center, in the Padre Cruz Neighborhood.

From 2011 to 2019, she was a member of the team at the City Council of Lisbon that was responsible, namely, for the elaboration and implementation of the I Municipal Plan for Prevention and Combating Domestic and Gender Violence in the Lisbon municipality. She worked several other projects and programs, in the context of promoting equality, preventing and combating domestic and gender violence and violence against women.

Since May 2019, she is Head of the Social Intervention Division of the Department for Social Rights, intervening in the areas of childhood, aging, families, community development and addictive behaviors and dependencies.

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