Mariana Cunha

Jurist and specialist in Women’s Human Rights, European Law and International Law. She holds a degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Criminal Law.

She recently concluded a dissertation in the context of the LLM on “Law and Gender” at SOAS University of London, analyzing the crime of domestic violence as a form of torture in the framework of the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

She works at PpDM as project team member and as a jurist at the Association Against Femicide. She collaborates with organizations in a national context, such as the Women’s Association against Violence and the Portuguese Network of Young People for Equality. She has worked at Women against Violence Europe (WAVE), where she was especially involved in the case Kurt v. Austria at the European Court of Human Rights.

More recently, as a volunteer, she was part of the legal team of Women’s Link World Wide, an international organization based in Colombia, Bogotá. At this organization she has been particularly involved in cases related to sexual and reproductive rights, gender-based violence, human trafficking, and labor and sexual exploitation.

In addition, she was responsible for the preparation of a case study to be included in broad set of publications on Maternal Health in the African context, which will be widely disseminated among organizations, universities, and other stakeholders in Uganda. As part of her involvement in various working groups, she co-authored a book published by Women against Violence Europe in 2020: How Gender Neutral Policy and Practice is Dismantling Women’s Specialist Support Services and Ways to Counteract.

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