Mafalda Leónidas

Deputy Director of the CIDADÃOS ATIV@S program at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. She was advisor for education working at the Department of Education and Scholarships and at the Qualification of New Generations program, both in the same Foundation.

She graduated in Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra. She was a Member of the Installer Commission of the Student Support Fund, within the scope of the Ministry of Education, with responsibility for awarding scholarships to students of Higher Education, School Social Action and Budget of Higher Education Institutions.

She participated, as an expert at international and national levels, in several projects of the European Union and, as Deputy Director of the Office of Studies and Planning of the Ministry of Education, she responsible for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the development of educational software, the educational statistics of the National Institute of Statistics, and coordinator of the International Survey of Eurostat, UNESCO and OECD; she coordinated of the INES/CERI/OECD project for the publication of education indicators of OECD countries; she was responsible for the management of European Funds for education and for the intervention of the Ministry in numerous European Programmes.

She was also appointed Deputy Director for the Management of PRODEP, the Education Development Programme for Portugal supported by European Funds. She was national coordinator of the European Network EURYDICE, and she also participated, as an external expert contracted by the European Commission, in the 1st evaluation of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. She was human resources trainer in the area of “Evolution of Community funds and education funding”.

Previously, she held duties at the National Planning Council and at the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), with responsibilities in the coordination and preparation of budgets and funding of research institutions. In the Ministry of Labour, as advisor to the Secretary of State for Employment, she was responsible for the financial support for businesses and for the promotion of youth employment.
In previous years, she worked in the private sector as an economist.

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