Cândida Alves

I’m Candida, I’m 56 years old and I’ve spent half my life in hell. Drugs, prostitution, rape and a lot of suffering. But it was this life that made my way, the person I am today. I have been working for many years with drug addicts and women in prostitution in the area of risk reduction. Lifes of suffering, risk and isolation, which I know all too well.

I try to show prostitution for what it really is. And I try to give these women the protection that I did not have. For this, we need to change laws and mindsets. Hell exists, but we can change things or change our lives, I’m living proof of that. In the association where I work, I am in contact with members of the government, so that we can have new laws, new measures, that allow the voice of these women to be heard.

With the law that came out on April 13, 2016 we succeeded in penalizing demand and measures to prevent people from falling into this life. Under this Law, people who prostitute themselves are not guilty, but victims of the system. We demand a new look at sexism and women victims of violence. Now we want the law to be applied at the national level.

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