Bebiana Cunha

She is 35 years old and has been a volunteer at PAN – PEOPLE, ANIMALS, NATURE PARTY, since 2011, which she combined with the practice of community psychology and psychological consultation with young people and adults since 2008, until she was elected as Member of the Portuguese parliament in the XIV Legislature, by the district of Porto.

She was a member of the Municipal Assembly of Porto since 2017, and was elected parliamentary leader of PAN in June 2021.

She is inspired by the Portuguese writer, and a Porto native, Almeida Garrett: “If there are many people in this city who merge /v/ with /b/, very few exchange honor for infamy and freedom for servitude”. It is with this free and humble spirit that he has accepted all political challenges.

Strongly anti-speciesist, with a systemic, constructivist and developmental vision, she believes in education and in the potential for human change.

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